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Delegation of Congolese hydropower station highly recognized Changlan manufacturing

Delegation of Congolese hydropower station highly recognized Changlan manufacturing

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Delegation of Congolese hydropower station highly recognized Changlan manufacturing

On September 6, the 4th Africa Investment Forum ended in Changsha,the next day the delegation of Congolese Hydropower Station comes to visit our Changlan Electric Technology. Mr. Wu, the general manager of Changlan, attended the reception together with relevant departments. 

The delegation consisted of nearly 30 people, covering all levels and professional staffs from both countries. Accompanied by the company's leaders, the delegation visited the company's product showroom, production workshop, test and inspection center.

In the product showroom, the delegation was attracted by various products, especially showing great interest in front of our high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage terminals. When saw all kinds of standard certificates and rewards of our 2008 Olympic Games, the members of the delegation were full of praise. "Congratulations! Really happy for you guys." Subsequently, during the visiting in the production workshop, test and inspection center, the delegation also raised many questions and showed a strong interest in the company's products and technology.

End of this inspection, the leader of the delegation expressed high recognition of the technical level of Changlan: "I highly recognize Changlan Eletric Technick Co., the technical strength and technology level here are very high."

The visit of the delegation from Congolese hydropower station was a good move to comply with the national policy "One Belt, One Road”and paved the way for the long-term cable technology to expand overseas and to be more international. In line with the national policies and seize opportunities, Changlan is constantly improving the brand awareness and industry influence.