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66-500kv porcelain cable termination

Range to: 66-500kv AC cable accessories Applied for: HV EHV project, such as substation, power plant, power transmission, nuclear power
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Product description
*Porcelain/Composite Bushing Termination 
*Product Type /Application Range 
YJZWC3:Suit to III pollution grade. YJZWC4, YJZWCF4: Suit to IV pollution grade. 
Rated Voltage: 48/66kV. 56/77kV, Cable cross section: 150-1600mm2 
Rated Voltage: 64/110kV, 76/132kV, Cable cross section: 240-2000mm2 
Rated Voltage: 127/220kV Cable cross section: 240-3000mm2 
Rated Voltage: 290/500kV Cable cross section: 800-3000mm2


*Product Characteristics 

The stress cone is made of imported EPDM. The insulation oil and stress cone is separated by the stress cone cap. The surface pressure of stress cone is maintained by a spring device (stress cone bracket) so that the press of interface is kept permanently during the course of running. This structure can overcome the disadvantages or defects from material aging and bad contact. 
The termination bushing adopts the structure of big and small umbrella skirt structure, has good property of anti-pollution flashover. 
The termination bushing adopts multi-seal to prevent leakage water and oil during running, prolong its service life. 
The porcelain bushing is made of high-strength porcelain with big and small rain skirts. It has the advantages of weather resistant, good anti-tracking, electrical corrosion and drain off water property. 
The composite bushing is made of epoxy glass fiber sleeve which is covered over anti-weather insulating silicone rubber skirt. It has the advantages of weather resistant, good anti-tracking, electrical corrosion, drain off water and anti-explosion property. The weight is only 20% of porcelain termination.
*Product Drawing

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66-500kv porcelain cable termination