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Cable burnishing machine

Cable installation tool
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Product description
*Cable Burnishing Machine
*Product Introduction
Cable polishing machine is simple, convenient installation tool, which is suitable for insulation layer of the  cable.
*Product Characteristics
Battery charge type of cable polishing machine, speed can be modified;
Sandpaper can be modified by spring. Sandpaper can be polished in the shape of arc.;
It has a good performance of heat radiation, which can be used in long time;
Anti-slip hander can modify the angle,easy to use, improve the electricity.
*Bettery Characteristics
Battery charge , which can switch off automatically when it is full;
The shelf life of battery is long, can be used 500-600 times, and rest 80% electricity;
24V high strength battery can supply stable and long-lasting power, which can be working  over 4 hours once  charging full;
24VDC , 30.8Ah, has screen for battery capacity light;
Has protection of overvoltage ,over-temperature, overload, shirt circuit,lack voltage and so on.
* Product Drawing
 JMD-140 electric cable polishing machine  JMD-50 battery charge cable polishing machine
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