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JSD cable hauling machine

Cable installation tool
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Product description
*JSD Cable Hauling Machine
*Product Introduction
JSD series cable hauling machine is a kind of medium size mechanical ma which is for laying power cable (or telecommunication cable with big diarmeter).
*Product Characteristics
The machine is adopted double-caterpilla by gripping the cable, function as protcetion the cable insulation layer of high-voltage cable.
Fitted with high-low adjustable roll,convenient for laying.
Fitted with double power switch and can convey the cable by double direction.If something wrong with the cable itself.the machine can take back the cable by opposite direction during laying.
Complete electrical control system consist of control box,branch control box,power wire,control wire and cable hauling machine.And this will ensure every cable hauling machine work synchronously.
*Technical Data
*Product Drawing
                            JSD(3/5B/5C/8) cable hauling machine
           General control box                                 Branch control box
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