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Y shape branch joint

Y shape branch joint

Range to: HV branch joint Applied for: HV EHV project, such as substation, power plant, power transmission, nuclear power
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Product description
*Dry and“Y” Shape Branch Joint
*Product Type/Application Range
YJJFG type :suitable to install in the cable well, cable trench,and can buried directly.
*Product Characteristics
Joint body adopt epoxy resin, water-poof  and weatherproof,anti mechanical damage.
Dry type, without leakage problem, no maintenance during operation period.
Compact structure ,small size, little space for installation, can installed both in cable well,cable trench and buried directly.
Plug-in type, easy to install.
To improve water-proof  property, it can worked with glass-fiber  protection shell, pouring
CL-801O insulation paste inside or stainless steel protection shell.
*Product Drawing
1.wrapping and sealing 
2.wiping sleeve
3.stress cone bracket 
4.wrapping and sealing
5.stress cone
6.branch joint body point 
8.connecting fittings terminal ferrule
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