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1-35kv heat shrinkable cable joint

Range to: 1-35kv heat shrinkable Applied for: low voltage project, such as substation, railway, new energy
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Product description

*Heat Shrinkable Series Products

*Product Introduction

Compare to the traditional cable accessory,heat shrinkable cable accessory has advantages of small volume,light weight,reliable operation and cheap price.

Heat shrinkable cable accessory is made of rubber and plastic composite material,cross-linked by high-energy radiation,expanding to the required sizeand then cooling shaped.When doing the installation work,it will shrink to former shape according to the"elastic memory"of polymer at certain temperature after heating.This can clamp and seal the slicing part of cable and make sure the insulation and sealing property of whole products.

*Product Data


*Product Type

Heat shrinkable branch joint: Type: JYRS

It will be applied for the branch connection of 1-35kv rubber and plastic cable cross section and installed in cable bridge, cable trench and outdoor. Right now,it is the most convenient and safe branch joint in market. It adopts heat shrinkable insulation and sealing for each phase, fitted with metal sheath which will protect the ojint from the damage by external force. This product is the ideal product for 1-35kv series because of its compact instructure and size, easy instalation and reliable operation.

*Product Drawing

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1-35kv heat shrinkable cable joint