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Changlan Social responsibility-Poverty Alleviation at Dadong village

Changlan Social responsibility-Poverty Alleviation at Dadong village

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In order to fulfill the support of large enterprises in Changsha High-tech Zone,strive to shake off poverty and take on the responsibility of tackling key problems.In June,a group from Changlan electric technology co.,ltd. has lead by Xu Ping who is Director of CSR Department and went to Lingxi Town, Yongshun County, Western Hunan Province to DaDong village carried out precise poverty alleviation activities.
Dadong Village, Lingxi Town, is located in the eastern part of Lingxi Town.Geographical location is on the high side, which belongs to mountainous terrain. East to 
Xinhua Village, South to Mengdong River, West to Mengdong River intersects with Jifeng Village in the north. The whole village area is 28,552 square kilometers and the cultivated land area 2.45 square kilometers, of which 0.6 square kilometers, of paddy field area, The drought land area is 1.26 square kilometers, and the mountain forest area is 16.6 square kilometers. There are 15 groups in the village with a total of 3 6 2 households and 1318 people with 832 laborers. There are 718 migrant workers. The whole village has 0 households with tap water and 168 households poor with drinking water. There's Murakami Road, and there are two more group are not connected, and there are 6 groups of unrealized interchange.
And 220 household interchanges, All have completed farm network reform. There are 320 houses in the villagers. Among them, there are brick house 51 buildings, 269 wooden houses, total housing area 23720 square meters and 17.99 square meters per capita. There are altogether 374 precise poverty alleviation households and villagers mainly work at urban, planting, aquaculture industry. The characteristic industries are rice, tobacco and oil Tea. In 2018, the total output value of the village was 4.65 million yuan.Per capita income was 3528 which is 10% higher than that of last year.
After arriving at the village of Lingdong in Lingxi Town, the party members of the changlan electric technology team first held a symposium with the local village cadres and the poverty alleviation cadres and the leaders of the township government to further understand the causes of poverty, the current situation and needs of the village. Help and support. Later, the party members took the necessities of life and went to the poverty-stricken households to visit the homes of the poverty-stricken households. Everywhere, everyone will talk face-to-face with poor households, and communicate with each other in detail to understand their basic situation, family member information, physical health, children's schooling, housing situation, family income and expenses, labor and employment, production and life. Practical situations such as poverty alleviation and ideological dynamics, and promote their good policies for the party, encourage them to build confidence, overcome difficulties, and get rid of poverty as soon as possible. This time, the Changsha High-tech Zone called for a field study in Dadong Village, Lingxi Town. During the period, party members and comrades of Changlan electric technology had an in-depth understanding of local customs, flavors and specialties. And the purchase of more than a thousand local special products from Lingdong Village in Lingxi Town will bring changlan electric technology staff as the material for the Dragon Boat Festival. This will not only let the changlan electric technology people in Changsha taste the food of the village, but also help the local people to get rid of poverty. The work has made a positive contribution. If we want to help the poor, we must make some practical things. Let the people feel the real warmth and have confidence in the future life. Poverty alleviation is not only a matter for the government to help the department, but also one of the social responsibilities of the enterprise. Solving difficulties is not only a kind of charity, but also an important way for enterprises to truly give back to the society. In the future, the company will continue to pay attention to the production and life of the poor, and will help and give love within the limits of its ability. At the same time, by participating in the precise poverty alleviation activities, the company fulfills the responsibility of corporate social responsibility and realizes the obligation of the enterprise to repay the society.